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Biophotons the light in our Cells

Among the many fascinating discoveries found within the last one hundred years, a certain discovery has remained relatively unnoticed, yet it may be one of most profound realizations that humans have witnessed thus far. This realization has come to be known as biophotons.

History and Definition of Biophotons

Biophotons were first discovered in 1922 by a Russian embryologist named Alexander Gurwitsch and are classified as ultra-weak photon emissions from living systems (1). Further research done since the 1960’s has conclusively demonstrated that these biophotons do indeed exist and play an important role in the functioning of living organisms (2).

This low-intensity glow that is emitted by living organisms cannot be seen by the naked eye, however, equipment such as biophoton analyzers and photomultipliers can pick up these weak signals and present researchers with data and diagrams.

One of the main researchers on this topic is Dr. Fritz Albert Popp. For over 30 years Dr. Popp and his team have done extensive research and experimentation on biophotons, and have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that biophotons do exist, have specific properties, and can fluctuate at different levels. These levels have been measured through a device created by Dr. Popp and others called a biophoton meter.

Theories and Properties of Biophotons

Among one camp in this field, it is generally theorized that biophotons relay cell regulatory and metabolic information between and within cells. Increasing the level of biophotons in an organism is also believed to improve health by improving cellular communication.

Biophoton EmissionsDr. Popp used his biophoton meter to measure levels in foods and came up with the following startling information:

1. Wild foods gave off the most biophotons and had levels double that of cultivated organic foods.
2. Organically farmed foods emitted five times more biophotons than conventionally grown foods.
3. Highly cooked and irradiated foods gave off almost no detectable biophoton energy.

What this research suggests is that by including a significant amount of organic and wild foods in our diet, we can increase the overall biophoton levels in our body and thereby potentially increase our overall health through increased cellular communication.

Other Interesting Properties of Biophotons:

1. Levels increase during the dying process and then go down to zero upon death (3).

2. They have been shown to have a high degree of order or coherence and have been called biological laser light (4).

3. This biological laser light is able to generate and keep order and to transmit information within an organism (5).

4. Cancer cells have been shown to emit an entirely different spectrum of biophotons than normal healthy cells (6).

5. Test subjects practicing breathing exercises were able to increase their biophoton emissions by up to 100 percent (7).


Current research on biophotons continues to expose the fascinating truth about our bodies: we are a complicated, living system of energy guided by coherent light. Only when seen in an integral or holistic manner will we be able to see the full glory of living bodies. We may be made of components, but those components all exist in a state of interconnectedness.

I encourage you to meditate on this light within you and to increase it’s intensity through certain foods and meditative practices such as breathing exercises. This may open whole new experiences for you in terms of connecting to your body and to the living field of nature in which we are embedded. Enjoy!

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