Are you tired of chasing health symptoms rather than treating the root cause? Then test don't guess! Functional lab work will help reveal the hidden underlying factors of your health challenges and natural therapeutic protocols will help you achieve true and lasting health.


The metabolic test gives an index of detoxication and metabolism by assessing protein digestion, oxidative damage caused by free-radicals, and bile acid sulfates, a direct measurement of liver function.


Test your system against 123 common foods and spices as well as 27 of the most common additives/chemicals. Each test item will score on a reference range of either reactive, moderately reactive, or non-reactive.


Measure your stage of adrenal fatigue, cortisol rhythm in a day, as well as DHEA, progesterone, estradiol, estriol, testosterone, and melatonin. Included interpretation, 90-day therapeutic protocol, and 4 counseling sessions.


Determine if you have an appropriate mucosal immune response through assessing the level of secretory immunoglobulins to common dietary proteins, harmful yeasts, and a group of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.


Client Testimonials
  • Tristan is wonderful to work with. He’s a compassionate listener, and his advice is always excellent. He was able to identify a unifying underlying cause for what I thought were disparate symptoms, which was really helpful and exciting.–Amberlee Gustafson, FDN Client