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Improve Brain Power with These Brain Boosting Foods, Herbs, and Supplements

The human brain is an amazing example of the natural creative power that has been evolving on this great Earth. For reasons that are still somewhat of...

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What is Chaga? The King of Herbs & Mushroom of Immortality!

Many of you may have never even heard of chaga. So the obvious important first question to answer is, "What is Chaga?" Chaga, also known as Inonotu...

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Natural Solutions for Nerve Damage and Nerve Regeneration

If you have suffered from nerve damage, I am pleased to say that there are many natural substances that can assist the body with nerve regeneration. ...

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Gaia Hypothesis – The Earth as a Living System

The Gaia Hypothesis describes the self-regulatory ability of the Earth through its living organisms and inorganic material. Extensive scientific resea...

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